Kirovsky Zavod unveils monument to Nikolai Putilov

Kirovsky Zavod unveils monument to Nikolai Putilov

Inauguration of the monument to Nikolai Putilov 

On 10 October 2020, a monument to the eminent industrialist Nikolai Putilov was unveiled. The ceremony was attended by Governor of St Petersburg Alexander Beglov and CEO of Kirovsky Zavod Georgy Semenenko. Near the entrance to the Kirov Plant, a monument was erected to the talented engineer and entrepreneur who headed the Putilov Plant (today known as the Kirov Plant) for more than ten years. The monument is close to a public garden: a modern, well-maintained space which can be used by locals and visitors to the city. The renovation was a joint project carried out by the Kirov Plant and the administration of St Petersburg’s Kirovsky district. The monument was created by Konstantin Garapach, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, at a cost of RUB 12 million, funded by the Kirov Plant.
“Nikolai Putilov did a great deal for St Petersburg and for the country as a whole. He developed manufacturing, opened schools and hospitals, and helped those in need. The unveiling of this monument is a tribute to a man who did everything in his power to help Russia flourish. I would like to thank the Kirov Plant’s management and all its employees for preserving the memory of this great man,” said Alexander Beglov, Governor of St Petersburg.

“The Kirov Plant is pleased and proud to present this gift to the citizens of St Petersburg. I am sure that the park will become a much-loved spot for recreation, both for the plant’s employees and for the residents of the Kirovsky district. Former plant workers had a hand in creating many of St Petersburg’s sights, and today we continue this glorious tradition,” said Kirovsky Zavod’s CEO, Georgy Semenenko, in his speech.

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