Main Kirovsky Zavod

The Kirovsky Zavod group has more
than 20 subsidiaries

Much of its revenue is produced by enterprises in the machine-building and metallurgical industries: Petersburg Tractor Plant, Kirov-Energomash Plant, and Petrostal Metallurgical Plant

Petersburg Tractor Plant

Full-cycle production of products for leading agricultural enterprises, oil and gas companies, and metallurgical and coal mining holdings. Petersburg Tractor Plant is the only Russian manufacturer of 250+ hp. high-power tractors, and is a leading supplier of road construction equipment.

Petrostal Metallurgical Plant

A key manufacturer of steel for machine building in Russia and the CIS, producing 120,000 metric tons of steel per year. The plant supplies its products to the automotive, tractor, machine-tool, shipbuilding, aerospace, and mining industries, and to oil and gas companies.

V.V. Vorovsky United Drilling Equipment Plant

A modern manufacturing enterprise specializing in the design and manufacture of drilling equipment and tools for various types of drilling operations. The extremely wide range of mobile drilling rigs manufactured by the plant find numerous applications in engineering surveys, the drilling of exploration and hydrogeological wells, and well construction.


Energodepartament provides heating and electricity for the Kirov Plant and other industrial enterprises. It includes: KirovTEK, which provides the plant with energy; Energia Industrial Complex, which supplies energy to consumers in Gorelovo; Kirov Plant Energy Sales Company, which buys and sells electricity; and the management company Andromeda.


Repairs, upgrades, and maintains rail equipment and tracks, carries out loading and unloading operations, and transports goods by rail, both within Russia and to the CIS and Baltic countries. Lokomotiv has the largest base in north-western Russia for the repair and maintenance of rail and track equipment, shunting diesel locomotives, railway cranes, diesel engines, hydraulic transmissions, and fuel equipment.

Avtomatika Design Bureau

Designs, manufactures, and services machine-building equipment. The company manufactures equipment needed to produce oil and gas, roll out gas-fueled vehicles, and service cargo flows in air and sea ports. It also produces utilities equipment, hydromechanical transmissions, gearboxes, hydraulic drives, and much more.


The Cassiopeia oil loading terminal is a bunkering base that receives oil products from rail and road transport and ships up to 1 million metric tons of oil products per year to sea vessels. It is one of Kirovsky Zavod’s most successful businesses, implemented with effective management of the company’s assets. The terminal is currently being leased by Gazpromneft Terminal SPb.

Sheremetev Business Center

With an area of 16,000 sq. m., Sheremetev Class B Business Center is one of the most comfortable business centers in the Kirovsky district of St Petersburg, and is equipped with modern facilities. Tenants include branches of leading Russian banks, administrative divisions of industrial enterprises, and other representatives of the Russian business world.

Social enterprises

Including the White Nights Sanatorium located 25 km from the center of Sochi, the Young Kirovets summer camp in Leningrad region, and the Kirovets stadium located near the Narvskaya metro station in St Petersburg. Members of the plant’s Kirovets football club work at the stadium. The club was founded in 1914 and was one of the first sports organizations in Russia.

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