Social responsibility

Social responsibility

The enterprise landscapes recreation areas and public spaces (a prominent example being Petr Semenenko Square), supports schools and universities, holds educational and patriotic events that bring together hundreds of people, and does charity work.

Environmental responsibility

Kirovsky Zavod is a large industrial enterprise located in St Petersburg. The company takes responsibility for protecting the environment. It has maintained a consistent reputation as one of the most environmentally friendly enterprises in the city and the region over many years.

Since 1982, the plant has been operating an environmental protection service, which monitors the sustainable use of water resources and the protection of air and soil from pollution. The service is responsible for all environmental protection measures in place at the company, including waste disposal in line with the sanitary and epidemiological rules and regulations of the Russian Federation. Kirovsky Zavod has its own water treatment facilities that connect all of its enterprises together in a closed-loop water system, removing the risk of discharging industrial effluents into the Gulf of Finland and other water bodies.

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