• Kirovsky Zavod and ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION Launch Joint Venture

    The Russian-Czech joint venture will manufacture metro cars, trams and electric trains. The sales revenues are projected to reach $130 million by the end of 2015.

  • Equipment supply for Slovak NPPs

    Kirov-Energomash (a subsidiary of the Kirov Group) has dispatched component parts for reactor units of two nuclear power plants in the Slovak Republic.

  • Kirov Group Will Supply Equipment for World's Largest Diesel-Electric Icebreaker

    Kirov-Energomash, a subsidiary of the Kirov Group, will manufacture an anti-icing turbocompressor worth $3.2 million for the next-generation multifunctional icebreaker.

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Ladies and gentlemen, friends and partners,

We are pleased to welcome you to the interactive website of Kirovsky Zavod. We appreciate your interest in our company and its business activities. Throughout its more than two centuries of history, and to the present day, Kirovsky Zavod has produced a wide range of engineering and metal products for various sectors of the national economy and for export to many foreign countries. The high technical level of the company's products, and the quality and reliability of our brand are widely known and recognized. Kirovsky Zavod enjoys a prestigious reputation in the industrial world.

Today PJSC Kirovsky Zavod is the largest diversified industrial holding company in Northwestern Russia, involved both in traditional business projects and in developing new directions. We specialize in agricultural and industrial tractors, special purpose machinery, power machinery, metal products, hi-tech industrial components, various metal processing and machining products, including large parts and units. Some products are custom-made for individual projects with unique characteristics. PJSC Kirovsky Zavod also provides various production and non-production services, including the lease of real estate not used for industrial purposes. The company's subsidiaries follow a coherent client-oriented strategy, and work to constantly upgrade and expand product lines, open new businesses and expand into new markets. Our strategic goal is to continuously develop and improve. In 2012-2016 we intend to increase our revenue 150%, and get our key businesses into the top ten in Russia in terms of profitability and labor productivity.

The key to our success lies in our powerful industrial and intellectual potential, our highly skilled employees, the experience and long-standing traditions of many generations of Kirovsky Zavod staff, and our creative corporate culture. This combination makes it possible for us to satisfy our most demanding customers.

We can see endless possibilities for further development by expanding our business cooperation and joint projects with leading Russian and foreign companies, and state enterprises. We have a wide range of interests, and are open to mutually beneficial cooperation. I am confident you will find us to be a reliable partner!


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