• Kirov Group Will Supply Equipment for World's Largest Diesel-Electric Icebreaker

    Kirov-Energomash, a subsidiary of the Kirov Group, will manufacture an anti-icing turbocompressor worth $3.2 million for the next-generation multifunctional icebreaker.

  • Kirovsky Zavod and ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION Launch Joint Venture

    The Russian-Czech joint venture will manufacture metro cars, trams and electric trains. The sales revenues are projected to reach $130 million by the end of 2015.

  • Equipment supply for Slovak NPPs

    Kirov-Energomash (a subsidiary of the Kirov Group) has dispatched component parts for reactor units of two nuclear power plants in the Slovak Republic.



PJSC Kirovsky Zavod's philosophy of corporate social responsibility is based on the very nature of big industry: the company contributes to the development of the country's economic potential, the city and the region, and works to improve the living standards of consumers of its products. As part of this philosophy, Kirovsky Zavod strives to achieve the long-term and sustainable development of its subsidiaries, and better operating and financial results, which form the basis of cost-effective development and, consequently, provide new jobs and help the company meet its economic and social obligations to the state. In its relations with partners and customers the company is committed to fair pricing, fair competition and advertising, and high business ethics, seeing this as an important component of social stability.


In addition, the company's responsible approach to business provides for additional measures to improve the quality of life of workers and their families (based on principles of corporate social responsibility), as well as making voluntary contributions to social, economic and ecological programs related directly to the company's principal business, and extending beyond the minimum requirements dictated by the law.

Company management believes that our main business goals and responsible social policies do not contradict each other. These must be integrated in the high-tech innovative business model that has always been characteristic of Kirovsky Zavod. The plant wants its workers to have a good social environment and seeks to maintain a high level of reputation capital.


Environmental Responsibility


Given the almost downtown location of such a large industrial enterprise as Kirovsky Zavod, protecting the environment becomes a necessity and a matter of considerable social importance. Over the years, Kirovsky Zavod has built a reputation as one of the most environmentally friendly enterprises of the city and the region. According to the regulators, environmental management at the plant is both civilized and professional.

The company has put together a special set of guidelines, PJSC Kirovsky Zavod Environmental Policy. This document recognizes the Plant's corporate responsibility for short-term and long-term negative impact on the environment, and sets goals and objectives for ecological safety and the rational use of natural resources, as well as identifying mechanisms and procedures for their implementation. The parent company and its subsidiaries have created long-term environmental protection programs. In order to create a system of effective and appropriate best management practice in this area, the Company has set up a special unit - the Office of Environmental Control. The planning, organizing and implementing of a range of measures for the conservation and rational use of water resources, protection against pollution of air and soil, and the disposal and recycling of industrial and household waste is the responsibility of the Environmental Protection Service established in 1982, and the relevant officers in structural sub-divisions.

A range of engineering and technical facilities and structures make it possible to achieve environmental policy goals. For instance, the plant has unique water treatment facilities, which enable all business units to operate in a closed water cycle, completely eliminating the discharge of industrial effluents into the waters of the Gulf of Finland or into city streams. These facilities are, therefore, of major environmental significance not only for Kirovsky Zavod, but also for the entire city of St. Petersburg.

As the plant produces and processes metals, it is especially important to reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. The existing network of gas cleaning systems purifies 95% of gaseous by-products resulting from industrial and economic activities. In 2010, the Plant started work on a project to upgrade its open-hearth production and to make the transition to much more environmentally friendly and cost-effective electric furnaces.

The bunkering terminal for transshipment of oil products, which was opened in 2009 at the plant's port facilities, has been recognized as the most environmentally friendly facility of this type in the Russian North-West, by the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostekhnadzor). The same high assessment of our ecological activities was also provided by the St. Petersburg office of Greenpeace. In early 2010, this environmental organization recognized Kirovsky Zavod as an environmentally and socially responsible company, interested in ensuring the transparency of information about its impact on the environment.


PJSC Kirovsky Zavod and City of St. Petersburg


PJSC Kirovsky Zavod is a major taxpayer and significant investor in St Petersburg, a highly disciplined insurer, and a many-time winner of municipal competitions for the title of Best Exporter of St. Petersburg in the metallurgy category. The plant therefore makes a significant contribution to increasing St. Petersburg's industrial output and strengthening the financial foundations of the city's economy.

As part of its corporate social responsibility policy, the plant is actively involved in urban landscaping and infrastructure development, and supports various projects aimed at maintaining and preserving the unique architectural, historical and cultural heritage of the Northern Capital. Kirovsky Zavod has been involved in large-scale urban projects such as the repair of Bolsheokhtinsky and Alexander Nevsky bridges, supported the installation of a contact lighting network in Ploshchad Truda, repairs at the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant, elimination of disruptions on the St. Petersburg Metro, and construction of the North-West Thermal Power Plant and South Thermal Power Plant. In recent years the Company has been providing support beams for the construction of metro stations, operating mechanisms for gates in the St. Petersburg flood defense system, and large metal constructions for the City Ring Road. The plant supplies equipment for the metro, airports, sea ports and freight terminals (powerful snow plows for runways, forklift trucks, luggage, cargo and container carts, etc.), parts for road construction equipment used at major construction sites in the city. The company regularly fills orders for casting grilles and sculptures for palaces and embankments. In these and other projects JSC Kirovsky Zavod cooperates with JSC Lenenergo, GUP Vodokanal of St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg Metro, the St. Petersburg Port and other companies. For several years the Company has supported the reconstruction of the Church of St. Nicholas the Miracle-Worker and Martyr Tsarina Alexandra (Putilovsky Church).

PJSC Kirovsky Zavod works closely with civil organizations and city agencies - district and city councils of war and labor veterans, charitable foundations, the Union of Journalists of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region, many higher and secondary education institutions and cultural organizations. The plant provides charitable assistance to a number of secondary schools and institutions for orphans and children left without parental care.

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