• Kirovsky Zavod and ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION Launch Joint Venture

    The Russian-Czech joint venture will manufacture metro cars, trams and electric trains. The sales revenues are projected to reach $130 million by the end of 2015.

  • Equipment supply for Slovak NPPs

    Kirov-Energomash (a subsidiary of the Kirov Group) has dispatched component parts for reactor units of two nuclear power plants in the Slovak Republic.

  • Kirov Group Will Supply Equipment for World's Largest Diesel-Electric Icebreaker

    Kirov-Energomash, a subsidiary of the Kirov Group, will manufacture an anti-icing turbocompressor worth $3.2 million for the next-generation multifunctional icebreaker.

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24 January 2018, 15:00

Petersburgsky Traktorny Zavod summed up results of the year

In 2017 Petersburgsky Traktorny Zavod (a subsidiary of Kirovsky Zavod) supplied over 2000 Kirovets tractors to the Russian and foreign fields, as well as replacement parts for a total amount of 12.7 billion rubles.


The plant serially produces 26 types of agricultural and industrial tractors with a capacity from 240 to 430 Horsepower. Bestselling tractors (about 1,800 units) are agricultural tractors - Kirovets К-744Р.


Throughout the year, tractors K-744R4 with a capacity of 428 Horsepower were exported to Canada, Colombia, Australia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Uzbekistan; also about 100 Kirovets tractors was shipped to the Republic of Belarus and 150 - to Kazakhstan.


Since the 1st of January 2018 the guarantee period for tractors Kirovets K-744R has been twice extended: up to 2 years and 3,000 operating hours. Thus, for buyers, the cost of ownership is significantly reduced.


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