• Equipment supply for Slovak NPPs

    Kirov-Energomash (a subsidiary of the Kirov Group) has dispatched component parts for reactor units of two nuclear power plants in the Slovak Republic.

  • Kirovsky Zavod and ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION Launch Joint Venture

    The Russian-Czech joint venture will manufacture metro cars, trams and electric trains. The sales revenues are projected to reach $130 million by the end of 2015.

  • Kirov Group Will Supply Equipment for World's Largest Diesel-Electric Icebreaker

    Kirov-Energomash, a subsidiary of the Kirov Group, will manufacture an anti-icing turbocompressor worth $3.2 million for the next-generation multifunctional icebreaker.

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23 January 2018, 0:00

Guarantee period for Kirovets tractors was twice extended

Petersburgsky Traktorny Zavod (a subsidiary of Kirovsky Zavod) extended twice (up to two years and 3,000 operating hours) a guarantee period for Kirovets tractors K-744P produced from the 1st of January 2018.


This guarantee extension is based on cardinal improvement of Kirovets consumer properties over the past few years. Since 2013 in construction of K-744R tractors has made more than 500 improvements have been made to the design. Over the past few years more than 4 billion rubles have been invested in production modernization.


In comparison: the basic guarantee for most manufacturers of tractors is one year, and increasing the guarantee period, as a rule, implies a significant increase in the tractors cost. 


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