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User Agreement



1.1. This User Agreement («the Agreement») relates to the Kirovsky Zavod website located at, («the Site»).

In browsing the Site, you confirm that you have read the text of the User Agreement in full before using the Site and agree to the terms and conditions of use set forth below:

  • Access to and use of the Site, as well as the services offered, are governed by these terms and conditions of use («the Terms and Conditions») and the current legislation of the Russian Federation. If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions and do not accept them in full without any exceptions or reservations, please leave the Site.

  • The Site uses cookies to facilitate your use of the Site. Cookies are sent to your computer and identify you as a unique user. They also enable your individual preferences and technical information to be saved. The Site uses permanent cookies, which remain on your computer until you delete them, and temporary cookies, which exist until you close your browser. Cookies do not contain or disclose any personal information per se. If you enter any personal information while on the Site, it will be linked to the data contained in the cookies. If you do not accept the terms of the Site’s use of cookies, you can change the settings of your browser so that it does not accept cookies (instructions for changing the settings can be found in the Help section of your browser). If you change these settings, you will not be able to access some sections of the Site.

1.2. The Site is the property of Kirovsky Zavod PJSC (registered address: Office 6, Room 8N, 47-Щ Prospekt Stachek, St. Petersburg, 198097).

1.3. This Agreement governs the relationship between the Kirovsky Zavod PJSC Site Administration («the Site Administration») and the User of this Site («the User»), hereinafter collectively referred to as «the Parties.»

1.4. The Site Administration reserves the right to change, add, or remove clauses of this Agreement at any time without notifying the User.

1.5. Use of the Site by the User is regarded as acceptance of the Agreement and changes made to this Agreement. The User is personally responsible for checking this Agreement for changes thereto.

1.6. The main terms and definitions used in this Agreement are as follows:

  • The Agreement – this User Agreement.

  • The Site User (or User) – an individual who acceded to this Agreement in their own interest, or acting on behalf and in the interests of the legal entity they represent, and who has access to the Site via the Internet and uses the Site.

  • The Kirovsky Zavod PJSC website – a set of automated information systems of the Administration available on the Internet at a URL in the following domain:, enabling identification of the Site on the Internet.

  • The Site Administration – employees authorized to manage the Site and acting on behalf and in the interests of Kirovsky Zavod PJSC.

  • The Site Contents – the protected results of intellectual activity and means of individualization of legal entities, goods, works, services, and enterprises that are granted legal protection (intellectual property), including but not limited to: texts, titles, forewords, annotations, articles, illustrations, and covers of literary works, musical works with or without text, visual, textual, photographic, derivative, composite, and other works, user interfaces, and visual interfaces, along with the domain names, design, structure, selection, coordination, appearance, general style, and location of the Content that forms part of the Site, and other objects of intellectual property, taken together and (or) separately, contained on the site


2.1. The subject of this Agreement is provision to the User of access to the services contained on the Site.

The Site provides the User with the following types of services:

  • posting messages, comments, and User reviews, and rating the content of the Site;

  • browsing current vacancies published on the Site;

  • posting resumes.

  • This Agreement covers all existing (currently operational) Site services at this moment in time, as well as any subsequent modifications and additional services that appear in the future.

2.2. Access to the Site is provided free of charge.

2.3. This Agreement is a public offer. By accessing the Site, the User accedes to this Agreement.

2.4. The use of Site materials and services is governed by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.


3.1. The Site Administration has the right to change the rules for use of the Site and to change the contents of the Site. Changes come into force from the moment a new version of the Agreement is published on the Site.

3.2. The User has the right to:

  • use all the services available on the Site;

  • ask any questions related to the services of the Site by email:; or via the feedback form located at:;

  • use the Site solely for purposes and in a manner provided for by the Agreement and not prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation;

  • ask the Site Administration to hide any information about the User.

3.3. The User undertakes:

  • to provide, at the request of the Site Administration, additional information that is directly related to the services provided by the Site;

  • to observe the property and non-property rights of authors and other rightsholders when using the Site;

  • not to take actions that may be seen as disrupting the normal operation of the Site;

  • not to distribute any information about individuals or legal entities that is confidential and protected by the legislation of the Russian Federation while using the Site;

  • to avoid any actions that could entail violation of the confidentiality of information protected by the legislation of the Russian Federation;

  • not to use the Site to disseminate advertising information;

  • not to use the services for the purpose of: violating the rights of minors and (or) causing harm to minors in any form; infringing the rights of minorities; posing as a different person or representative of an organization and (or) community without sufficient right to do so, including as the Site Administration (employees); misleading others about the properties and characteristics of any service available via the Site; inaccurately comparing the service, or encouraging a negative attitude towards persons (not) using certain services or condemnation of such persons; uploading content that is illegal, violates any third-party rights, promotes violence, cruelty, hatred, and (or) discrimination on racial, ethnic, gender-based, religious, or social grounds, or contains inaccurate information and (or) insults concerning specific individuals, organizations, or authorities; inducing others to commit illegal actions; or assisting persons whose actions are aimed at violating the restrictions and prohibitions in force within the Russian Federation;

  • to ensure the accuracy of information provided;

  • to ensure that personal data is protected from access by third parties.

3.4. The User is prohibited from:

  • using any devices, programs, procedures, algorithms and methods, automatic devices, or equivalent manual processes to access, acquire, copy, or track the Site Contents;

  • disrupting the proper functioning of the Site;

  • bypassing the navigation structure of the Site in any way with the aim of obtaining or attempting to obtain any information, documents, or materials by any means that are not specifically provided by the services of the Site;

  • accessing the functions of the Site, any other systems or networks related to the Site, or any services offered on the Site without authorization;

  • violating the security or authentication systems of the Site or any network related to the Site;

  • performing a reverse search or tracking or attempting to track any information about any other User of the Site;

  • using the Site and Site Contents for any purpose prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as inciting any illegal activity or other activity that violates the rights of users of the Site or other individuals.


4.1. The Site and Site Contents are owned and operated by the Site Administration.

4.2. The Site Administration has exclusive rights to the Site Contents. The Site Contents are the intellectual property of its legal rightsholders and are protected by the legislation of the Russian Federation on intellectual property, acts of international legislation, and the conventions and protocols in force in this area.

4.3. The Site Contents may not be copied (reproduced), revised, distributed, published, downloaded, transmitted, sold, or otherwise used in whole or in part without the prior permission of the rightsholder. Use of the Site Contents, to which the User has access exclusively for personal, non-commercial use, is permitted provided that all signs of authorship (copyright) or other notifications of authorship are preserved, the author's name is preserved unchanged, and the work is preserved unchanged with a direct link to the source at

Use of Site Contents is not permitted without the consent of the rightsholder.

Unless otherwise expressly stated in this Agreement, nothing in this Agreement can be considered as a transfer of exclusive rights to the Site Contents. When quoting the Site Contents, a link to the Site is required.

4.4. This Agreement applies to all additional terms and conditions for the rendering of services provided on the Site.

4.5. The documents specified in this clause govern, in relevant part, and extend their effect to the use of the Site by the User.

This Agreement contains the following documents:

  • Confidentiality Policy;

  • Any of the documents listed in this clause may be subject to updates. Changes come into force from the moment they are published on the Site.

4.6. The Site Administration has the right to make changes to the list of services offered on the Site, and (or) their prices, at any time without notifying the User.


5.1. Any losses that the User may incur in the event of intentional or reckless violation of any provision of this Agreement, as well as due to unauthorized access to the communications of another User, shall not be reimbursed by the Site Administration.

5.2. The Site Administration is not liable for:

  • delay or failure to perform an operation when this delay or failure arises from force majeure, or from any malfunctions in telecommunications, computer, electrical, and other related systems;

  • proper functioning of the Site if the User does not have the technical means necessary for its use, or for providing the User with such means.


6.1. The Site Administration retains the right to disclose information about the User if the current legislation of the Russian Federation requires or permits such disclosure.

6.2. The Site Administration retains the right to terminate and (or) block access to the Site without giving the User prior notification if the User has violated this Agreement or the terms and conditions of use of the Site contained in other documents, or if the Site is no longer operational due to a technical error or problem.

6.3. The Site Administration is not liable to the User or third parties for termination of access to the Site if the User violates any provision of this Agreement or other document containing terms and conditions of use of the Site.


7.1. In the event of any disagreement or dispute between the Parties to this Agreement, a claim (a written proposal for voluntary settlement of the dispute) must be submitted before a suit is filed with a court.

7.2. The recipient of the claim shall notify the maker of the claim in writing about the outcome of a review of the claim within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt of the claim.

7.3. If the dispute cannot be resolved on a voluntary basis, any of the Parties has the right to file a claim with a court for the protection of the rights granted to them by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.


8.1. The Site Administration does not accept counteroffers from the User regarding changes to this User Agreement.

8.2. User reviews posted on the Site are not confidential information and may be used by the Site Administration without restrictions.

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